Story Time

Story Time is a Christian music piece I wrote while studing under Dr. Jacob Hertzog. It's original version was released to SoundCloud on February 14, 2021. It consisted of me on vocals and a Tony Dixon plastic Flute with all of the other instruments synthesized by Cubase. I think I was using version 10 of Cubase back then, but I'm not sure. The cereal bowl heart was created by Kristen Grace Eary when she was a toddler. Either Jennifer or myself took the picture. I don't remember who. You can currently listen to the original version of storytime with mostly synthesized instruments here:

Shawn Eary · Story Time

On February 14, 2022, I released a Harp and Voice only video of Story Time, while studying under Professor Nikola Radan. You may be able to find my public Harp and Voice only video of Story Time on YouTube, but searching might be difficult since I'm a beginner musician. I spent a notable time working on the video component of the production and credits/errata is listed in Story Time Video Credits and Errata . I will not post a link to that video here, because that might create a recursive link (smirk). The music needs improvement but I spend a lot of time working on that video.

As always, children need to be monitored whenever they use electronic media, Facebook, the internet, etc. If you are a child, make sure you get permission from your parents before visiting SoundCloud and/or YouTube. Those platforms contain both good and bad elements. Annie Moses Band is an example of good wholesome free family friendly content that you can find on Sound Cloud and YouTube.

As I really don't practice like I should, I will probably never be able to perform or compose with the skill level of any of the Annie Moses Band members. I do not know any of them but I would like to take my daughters to seem them someday. To that effect, I want to dedicate this song by the Annie Moses Band to each of my three daughters:

Annie Moses Band · When Daddy Says Im Beautiful