Censorship in America

Censorship and Suppression in America

I seriously don't feel like writing this. I'm 46 years old and despite the fact that I currently jog 14+ miles every Saturday among other exercises, I still have poor resting circulation and get tired easily. I have a day job, but in case you don't think YouTube is actually censoring and trying to influence people, take a quick look at these pictures...

Here I suppose are multiple YouTube posts where I had personally posted "mostly" peaceful comments and the said comments section was recently turned off by someone or something (I suspect YouTube):
Comments Sections Turned off or Videos Pulled

I don't feel like completely verifying right now, but I'm thinking that spanned multiple YouTube posts. Also, it doesn't appear I have any way to view the original posts either. It looks like maybe the original videos may have been pulled.

Also, here is a stupid warning banner I got just for posting a series of low-quality election videos in YouTube on how to view the New Your Times Pennsylvania JSON Election data.
Milder Warning Banner
IIRC, I originally got that warning banner in on multiple posts where I didn't actually make overly biased statements regarding my preferred 2020 presidential candidate who still (as of January 8, 2021) is President Donald Trump. Now, I think the banner is only on one of my three posts.

When you clicked on the lower part of that banner at one time, you were taken to: https://www.cisa.gov/rumorcontrol. I complained to both YouTube and CISA about this but haven't heard back from either.

Just today, I woke up this morning to find that I am "shockingly" no longer receiving any alerts in Google for any comments I make to conservative Republican YouTube posts. Later this evening, I was trying to post a comment on former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's WebSite and the Google reCAPTCHA control kept telling me it couldn't be contacted. The control eventually let me through, but it took several tries.

To top things off, my WebDeploy stopped working on my WebHosting provider last night, so I had to delay this post until today and use an alternative (less secure) method to send the changes. No, my WebHost likely isn't associated with Big Tech as they are a budget service, but it was frustrating and WebDeploy still isn't working for me as far as I know.

I'm concerned that our country is no longer seeking the Lord Jesus Christ. I don't want to condemn anyone and I've certainly not always behaved the best myself, but I really wish our nation could stop and focus on what really matters - The Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, I do doubt sometimes but why not try Faith? Why not give the Lord a chance and pray for VP Pence and President Trump instead of trying to drag them through the dirt? Why get all violent over this? Why didn't SCOTUS at least try to hear the case of President Trump's legal team? Also, I believe former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee implied on Fox News today that maybe some of us can focus on the good things President Trump has done for our country. I know I would rather focus on the positive things President Trump has done.

I don't have time to sit here and rant about how I feel SCOTUS has failed our country or how I was recently "censored" (in my own opinion) during a February 12th, 2020 civil dispute with a very special person in my life; however, if you don't think Big Tech is censoring American citizens who post legitimate content, you may be mistaken...

I am not trying to mislead anyone. I'm just trying to be honest here. Sure, we need to follow mercy and grace and accept the forgiveness of the Lord Jesus in our lives, but should people continue to be silent while they are being censored? I'm not endorsing violence or trying to sew seeds of destruction, but something seems amiss to me.

I may come back to this post in the future and elaborate, but for now, the few pictures I posted are at least something.

Honestly, I don't know who to believe anymore, but these guys seem okay to me. Yes, they are Chinese but I think they are American Chinese as opposed to Communist Chinese.
I can't say for certain if their content is correct or not, but I have a pretty good feeling about what they say. They seem to be reasonable people.

And no, I do not agree with the Falun Gong religious movement in any way, but I feel they should be allowed to peacefully exist. Despite my carnal nature and past sins, I am a follower of Christ and I will die a Christian whether that be as a Catholic, Protestant or Non-Denominational Christian. However, one of the beauties of America is the ability to chose and practice your own peaceful Faith. That is something President Trump stood up for.

Lastly, I'm not getting any kind of kickback or payment from the Epoch Times. I'm just trying to tell you that these people seem "real".

Also, you might check these resources out as well:

May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all as our nation and world perhaps begin to enter into potentially perilous times.

"If we confess our sins, he is Faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and will purify us from all unrighteousness." - 1 John 1:9 NIV

I can only hope that I will continue to turn my life to the Lord and surrender to his perfect will in all of this madness.

This post is my opinion and does not in any way reflect the opinions of any employers I have or may have had. This post also does not represent the opinions of any clubs or churches I may attend. I do NOT represent Epoch Times, Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Potters House, Bishop T.D. Jakes, VP Pence or President Trump in any way. I'm just a fan of these organizations/people.

I would like to reemphasize; however, that if you are looking for answers, you might want to checkout Bishop T.D. Jakes out of Dallas, TX. While I personally attend a church locally in Arkansas, I do sometimes watch Potter's House sermons and I appreciate Bishop Jakes. One last thing, if you get a chance, check out the Left Behind I-III series staring Kirk Cameron. I can't comment about the version starring Nicolas Cage, but like Bishop Jakes and Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, I feel Kirk Cameron is the real deal!