Warning!!! - I'm having serious family problems right now. This website is meant to be useful, but right now, I'm struggling. I don't want to just toss this website though. I haven't decided yet if a "rebranding" is necessary. The utilars.com domain can still be used, but if my family troubles continue, the "tone" of this website might change. Fortunately, I'm taking a break from competitive cycling for a while so I have a bit more free time for now.
This site is designed to work with *modern* HTML5 browsers like Microsoft Edge
IE10 or later also works pretty good. As of April 23, 2016 Firefox and Chrome still don't:
  1. seem to have official support for GridBased Layout but it seems to be comming soon
  2. seem to support JPEG-XR even though I believe it is a formal ISO Standard under an open format: ISO/IEC 29199-2:2012
Other browsers may also have variying support, but I *personally* consider Microsoft Edge, Chrome and FireFox the major browser vendors of present time.


https://www.utilars.com is presently a hobby site for Shawn Eary and his family.

Shawn Eary "tries" to present the following core set of values to his family: Some of these ideals are a no-brainer for me, however, I fall short of some of them on a regular basis... (If you want, you can pray for me though)

  1. That Jesus Christ is the one true God and the only way to salvation. (John 14:6)
  2. That Jesus has come to redeem ALL of us to repentance. (1 John 1:9)(2 Peter 3:9)
  3. That life begins at conception
  4. That religious institutions should be allowed to set their own policies regarding contraceptive healthcare
  5. That nurturing the traditional family will go a long way toward reviving struggling economies
  6. That for-profit gambling poses an undue burden on those that are less fortunate
  7. That Christians should pray daily about the needs around them (James 1:27)
  8. That is it better to pray for world leaders than it is to complain about them
  9. That Art and Science should be created and disseminated in such a manner that it honors The Lord Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:17)