Warning!!! - I'm having serious family problems right now. This website is meant to be useful, but right now, I'm struggling. I don't want to just toss this website though. I haven't decided yet if a "rebranding" is necessary. The utilars.com domain can still be used, but if my family troubles continue, the "tone" of this website might change. Fortunately, I'm taking a break from competitive cycling for a while so I have a bit more free time for now.
This site is designed to work with *modern* HTML5 browsers like Microsoft Edge
IE10 or later also works pretty good. As of April 23, 2016 Firefox and Chrome still don't:
  1. seem to have official support for GridBased Layout but it seems to be comming soon
  2. seem to support JPEG-XR even though I believe it is a formal ISO Standard under an open format: ISO/IEC 29199-2:2012
Other browsers may also have variying support, but I *personally* consider Microsoft Edge, Chrome and FireFox the major browser vendors of present time.

UsedCarLot is Gone

Sorry folks. I had to axe the Used Car Lot App I put on CodePlex. I didn't have enough time to properly devote to it so it suffered pains of serious neglect. I was hoping I would eventually have time to get to it but I never did. I made a backup of it in case I ever want to go back to it again but for now, I need to pull it because I simply don't have time to implement it correctly. I'm got some interesting and intensive professional development training that I'm hoping to embark on for the next several months so I won't have much time for anything else. Also, I still have a day job and wonderful family :-)