Warning!!! - I'm having serious family problems right now. This website is meant to be useful, but right now, I'm struggling. I don't want to just toss this website though. I haven't decided yet if a "rebranding" is necessary. The utilars.com domain can still be used, but if my family troubles continue, the "tone" of this website might change. Fortunately, I'm taking a break from competitive cycling for a while so I have a bit more free time for now.
This site is designed to work with *modern* HTML5 browsers like Microsoft Edge
IE10 or later also works pretty good. As of April 23, 2016 Firefox and Chrome still don't:
  1. seem to have official support for GridBased Layout but it seems to be comming soon
  2. seem to support JPEG-XR even though I believe it is a formal ISO Standard under an open format: ISO/IEC 29199-2:2012
Other browsers may also have variying support, but I *personally* consider Microsoft Edge, Chrome and FireFox the major browser vendors of present time.


All files on this page are licensed under the FCDL

There isn't much here yet. This is supposed to be a page describing basic observations I have made in Computer Science that have nothing to do with work.

Here is a trivial paper on how to possibly speed up Win XP:

Here is a trivial parser in F#. It was one of my first F# appempts and it probably needs some cleanup. I lost the solution, so I will have to go back and recreate it before I can resume working on this:
F# Parser (PDF)

Here is a silly Alpha SqlHelper in F# I am working on and hope to get back to very soon:
Note: There is a bug in the way it handles output parameters from T-SQL Procedure calls. I have fixed the bug, but I haven't had time to post the fix.
Here are the raw files (not very many ?huh?). I "may" post pretty versions at a later time: