Disclaimer: I'm struggling right now. I was legally separated from the most special person in my life on February 12th, 2020. I hope deep within my heart that she knows I love her even if my spirit is very weak:
This site was designed for the old-school Microsoft Edge browser which is now deprecated. Microsoft now uses a Google Chromium based rending ending in Edge and it does not support JPEG XR (as far as I know...): IE10 or later also works pretty good.


Simple FCML licensed images that may *possibly* be resused to form more complex images.

Here is a picture that I attempted to draw of a Black Hole. To be honest, I'm not sure anyone actually knows what a black hole looks like. I *think* we are all guessing. Let me know if someone has seen "real universe" light effects of a black hole.

Black Hole
To Download Black Hole File with Transparency via IE (Right Click Here and Choose 'Save Target As')

Here are some images either I or my wife took. The thumbnails below are just PNGs, but you will need Internet Explorer 9 or higher to view the full sized JPEG XR images. Please support JPEG XR. It seems to allow for higher compression rates than PNG and TIFF but still allows lossless compression with transparency.

Butterfiles or Moths taken by Shawn Eary

Brown Butterfly Orange Butterfly

Cardinal taken by either myself or my wife on a Kodak EasyShare Z1275

Orange Butterfly
(To save a butterfly or cardinal via IE and/or MS Edge, right click on the picture and select Save Target As)

An SVG Christmas Tree I drew using my daughter's artwork as a guide:

SVG Christmas Tree
(To save the SVG Source of the Christmas Tree via IE, right click on the tree and select Save Target As)

A flower that my daughter Kristen Grace Eary drew. I scanned it and cut the background out to turn it into clipart. You are allowed to use the image in your own collective works; however, you must provide attribution at a tasteful place within your presentation. For example, if you are using the image to create a PowerPoint presentation, you may crop out the copyright notice on the slide you are using the image on but you must provide a credits section at the end of your PowerPoint presentation. Please use good judgement.

JPEG XR Flower
(To save the image, right click on it and choose the Save As option)