Warning!!! - I'm having serious family problems right now. This website is meant to be useful, but right now, I'm struggling. I don't want to just toss this website though. I haven't decided yet if a "rebranding" is necessary. The utilars.com domain can still be used, but if my family troubles continue, the "tone" of this website might change. Fortunately, I'm taking a break from competitive cycling for a while so I have a bit more free time for now.
This site is designed to work with *modern* HTML5 browsers like Microsoft Edge
IE10 or later also works pretty good. As of April 23, 2016 Firefox and Chrome still don't:
  1. seem to have official support for GridBased Layout but it seems to be comming soon
  2. seem to support JPEG-XR even though I believe it is a formal ISO Standard under an open format: ISO/IEC 29199-2:2012
Other browsers may also have variying support, but I *personally* consider Microsoft Edge, Chrome and FireFox the major browser vendors of present time.

Welcome to Utilars

Utilars is a site for Christian friendly art and science. The name is derived from the latin terms Utilis (Useful) and Ars (Art or Science).

This site is based upon the retired ConservativeArt and www.arsQuies.com websites.

This site is a rebranding of the formerly mentioned sites. Admitedly, I've neglected this website. I've been pretty busy with other things. Presently, I'm having serious family problems. Lately, I've been training for the 2019 DK200 so I'm very likely going to be cranky bear for while. I've seen some beautiful things here in NWA training for the DK200, but at this point, it doesn't look like I will make the 21 hour cutoff on "race" day. I've done about three 200 milers in one day, but those we all on paved roads. Unfortunately, I only seem to be able to get 10 MPH Avg on Gravel. I'm hoping the fact that the DK200 course is a little more flat than NWA will speed me up a little.